Taste of Gallia Rooftop Summer Party

Tuesday 9 July - 8PM


Join us at Terrazza Gallia to celebrate a mid-summer’s party under the stars at the panoramic Restaurant rooftop, which boasts a spectacular view of Milan’s skyline.  


The desire to be outdoors and spend a one-of-a-kind evening together, enjoying a 360-degree culinary experience, thanks to the Lebano Chef brothers, at the helm of the Gallia’s kitchen and under the consultancy of the world-renowned three Michelin stars, Cerea brothers.


The evening will kick off with Vincenzo and Antonio introducing the theme of the evening, spilling their stories and philosophy of the journey ahead. The chefs have created a journey that will unfold traditional ingredients and flavours from selected Italian regions elevating Street Food to the highest levels thanks to the Chef’s creativity and passion.


Cocktails, beverages and wine pairings have been designed to match each menu dish by the Chef and Master Ambassador of Tanqueray and Vermouth Belsazar to magnify the menu flavours and the guest’s taste experience. 


The spirit of the evening will be informal, just like a pleasant walk along the seafront, soaking up the atmosphere, unique flavors, colors and DJ sounds that will project you into the much-coveted summer nights.


cocktail + aperitif + 5 street food stations + desserts + wine, beer and soft drinks open bar

€ 85,00



Steamed roll with a pizzaiola sauce

Rosetta bread with mortadella 

Melon and grilled lettuce gazpacho 

 Fried fish with wasabi mayonnaise

SKYLINE: Tanqueray N°Ten, Belsazar Dry Vermouth, orange bitter and absinthe


Live Stations

Discover the Bergamasche valleys

Classic italian sandwich: “pa e strinu” 


Wandering around Tuscany

Not just tomatoes: “pappa al pomodoro and burrata from Andria”

Along the campano sea front 

Campano: “seafood frenzy” octopus salad with potatoes, tomatoes and olives

PENNICILINE: Johnnie Walker Black Label , Belsazar White Vermouth, lemon juice, ginger liquor e Talisker Skye


A napolitano lost in Emilia

Campania/Emilia Romagna: piadina with aubergine parmigiana

Back to Milan 

Milan: risotto with vegetables, saffron and parmigiano foam

BERLIN SUNSET: Belsazar Rosè Vermouth and tonic


Petit fours 

Babà with cream and strawberries

Assortment of pastries 

Sicilian cannoli 

ONE FOR THE ROAD: A Taste of Caribbean Zacapa Ediciòn Negra

In conjunction with each Live Stations wines from the Castello Banfi winery:

Spumante Tener - Sauvignon / Chardonnay

La Pettegola -Vermentino

Stilnovo - Sangiovese



cocktail + aperitif + 5 street food stations + desserts + wine, beer and soft drinks open bar

  € 85,00  


 02 267853514



Piazza Duca d'Aosta, 9

20124 Milano MI

The two young chefs, full of energy, Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano, originally stem from Campania, a region which boasts one of the most famous cuisines in Italy. After years of experience in the best kitchens in Italy (Gennaro Esposito, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Il San Pietro di Positano, Da Vittorio), the two brothers are now chefs at the Terrazza Gallia Restaurant, under the consultancy of the three Michelin star Cerea family.  Already during their childhood, the two brothers started to build up a refined taste as well as a wide knowledge of fresh products: they remember their grandmother, who in the evening washed the freshly cut vegetables from the garden together with their mother.

Vincenzo and Antonio have always shared the same passion for the kitchen, a passion which has unified them even more as brothers and as chefs. Both of them emphasize the special bond they share, which is based on mutual support. After many years of experience on their own in one of the best Italian restaurants and working for some of Italy's most renowned chefs, they have been reunited to lead the Terrazza Gallia adventure together, giving the Gallia clients an amazing culinary experience full of passion and love for traditions and evolution.







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